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Why 2019 Should Be the Year You Invest in Your Career

28 March 2019 No Comment

There probably isn’t a single person on the planet who hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution. In fact, it has become a running global joke that anyone who plans to make a massive life change at the beginning of the new year is bound to fail. So, why should 2019 be any different? Well, for one there is no time like the present to not only change your life, but to do it in a manner that is actually going to stick. If you have been struggling to find your purpose in life or feel more fulfilled, it is probably because you aren’t happy with where your career is headed. Learn all of the reasons why 2019 is most definitely the year that you should be ready and willing to invest in your career and your life overall.

A New Career Will Make Your Life More Stable

Wanting to invest in a career has absolutely no bearing on what you are doing at present. In fact, you could have a job where you are making a good deal of money. Maybe you are actually already in school for something but you are feeling less passionate by the day.  Switching to studying an online supply chain management masters from Kettering University Online may be the right choice for several reasons. Distance learning is a real and viable method of obtaining a degree, at your pace. Supply chain management master’s students also have a lot of choice when it comes down to choosing employers, small and large. Then there is the fact that receiving a masters in supply chain management gives you the ability to do something new each and every day that you go in to work. A new career, particularly one in this area, can help you to make your life much more stable.

Career Stability Leads to More Personal Fulfillment

Back in the 2000s, graphic design was huge. Magazines, newspapers, advertising companies, and major brands were desperate for talent, causing schools to recruit for graphic design students like crazy. Then the industry became saturated. As of today, the same thing is happening to many of those in the legal field, particularly attorneys. Those looking to invest in their careers are seeking out stability first and foremost. Although it is important that you go into a field that you enjoy, you can also enjoy a lot more in life when you know that you will be working in an industry that offers unparalleled job stability. Invest in your career in 2019 so that you can reach a level of personal fulfillment you have never before attained.

When You Are Personally Fulfilled, You Become Happier

People who are satisfied in their careers and thus personally fulfilled genuinely become happier. They are more friendly towards co-workers and subordinates. In fact, their bad days truly aren’t even that bad. Of course, everyone is human and so they will all experience various emotions, but there is a noticeable difference between someone who is working for a paycheck versus working in a career that helps them keep a smile on their face. If you have an interest in investing in your career, chances are you want to be at least a bit happier in your life. Consider all the types of sacrifices you would make to feel happier overall. Would you move into a more expensive house because it offers more amenities? Commute further to work if it offered better pay? This is pretty much how personal fulfillment and happiness tie in together.

Happiness Impacts Personal Health

Health is one of the most critical areas of people’s personal lives that is consistently neglected. Whether someone fails to eat balanced meals, goes without sleep, or leads a lifestyle that has them constantly feeling stressed, there is simply a tendency for people to disregard being healthy. In general, a happy person can be physically unhealthy but that doesn’t stay that way for long. Afterall, how can you truly feel happy with yourself and your life if you are not feeling physically and mentally well? By working on your career and improving all of the other factors in your life, you might come to notice when your body is out of whack. This is because happy people value themselves more. When all of the other pieces of your life start to all come together, you simply won’t settle for feeling okay rather than good. Look at investing in your career as the beginning of a positive cycle that will cause you to reflect on areas of your life that have long gone neglected.

Healthy People Know They Deserve the Best

One thing that people aspire to do but struggle with is having everything come together. For example, there are those that appear to have everything going for themselves but they might actually have some very serious emotional turmoil going on under the surface. There is no such thing as having a perfect life, but you can work towards having all of the tools in place necessary for keeping your life balanced. The fact of the matter is that when you feel physically and emotionally healthy you simply want to stay in that place. With a focus on a career in supply chain management you might discover that you really enjoy your job but that you appreciate having hobbies and downtime to yourself even better. Those who get into a field where they know that they have job stability for the first time are able to sigh with relief and then realize that they don’t have to settle for anything in their lives. Know that you deserve the absolute best in your career, with your education, and on a personal level.

This year, consider if you have the career that you want and deserve. If you want to go back to school, then start the registration process. There isn’t any reason that you should put your personal happiness or professional development off any longer. Evaluate where you are, set a goal, and then go for what you believe you are capable of.

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