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10 Awesome Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

14 April 2019 No Comment

Shopping online is now easier than ever. The more convenient way to shop for everything from groceries to furniture, shopping online is something of a hack in itself. If you’d like to take your virtual shopping to the next level by buying more while spending less, you should check out the following 10 online shopping tips:

  1. Outsmart Dynamic Pricing

Online merchants have their own sneaky ways of getting customers to pay more. Depending on where the person lives and the demand for a product, they show customers varying prices. For example, you may find an unbelievable inexpensive flight one day and find that the price has risen significantly the next day—this is a perfect example of dynamic pricing.

Want less biased pricing while shopping online? Try these tips:

  • Clear your history and cookies
  • Log out of social accounts
  • Go into incognito mode
  • Use localized websites versions and avoid being redirected to the US version
  1. Shop During the Right Time

Want to spend your Sunday afternoon shopping online? So does everyone else. Many retailers anticipate that they will see more purchases on the weekend, so they roll out their deals and discounts during the week.

Shopping wisely will allow you to take advantage of all the best prices. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the days that most retailers post their coupon codes. Acting during these days will almost always score you a better price than shopping on the weekend.

  1. Apply All the Coupons

Why use one coupon when you can use all of them? With a multiple coupon strategy, you can enter as many codes as you can find to get the best deal. Search other websites to see if you can find more coupon codes for the items you are buying. Similarly, be sure to use apps like Honey to make sure you are using every coupon available.

In addition to doing a blanket search for more coupons on the Internet, consider turning to social media to find deals. Many influencers and Instagrammers have their own personal codes that their followers can use to get deals on products. Though these products are very specific to each promotion, if you do find that you need these items, you’ll already have a way to save.

  1. Ask for Refunds After a Price Drop

Ever purchased something one day and see that the price has dropped the next day? Though this is incredibly frustrating, some companies do refund shoppers the price difference. While this won’t work every time, if you hope to receive a price-drop refund, contact the company as soon as possible.

Don’t anticipate that you’ll be refreshing your shopping cart on Amazon everyday? Use camelcamelcamel.com and monitor these prices to see if anything changes.

  1. Use Smart Reward Programs

If you’re a frequent shopper, join the store’s reward programs. Though each program will differ, you can take advantage of whatever offers they send your way. Oftentimes, stores will send out special discounts and deals that are only available to members. On occasion, program members will even receive freebies.

As a member of any reward program, make it a point to actually check your promotional emails. Even if you receive the emails, this won’t help you if you don’t see them. Prioritize the emails from your favorite retailers to make sure you are always notified when they arrive in your inbox.

  1. Bargain with Customer Service

While there’s only so much that customer service can do, in some instances, they can provide you with offers you didn’t realize existed. Find an old coupon in your email? Even if a few days have passed, you may be able to use this coupon if you speak with a sales representative.

When approaching the sales rep, nicely ask them if there are any discounts available for the product you are interested in. Depending on the company, the sales rep may even issue you a special promo code just for you.

  1. Always Compare Prices

Just as you’d compare prices when shopping in person, you should do the same when making purchases online. While you can switch back and forth through your various tabs to search for the best deal, you can also install an add-on to your web browser or an app to help you find the best deals.

These apps and add-ons will compile all the information and display it in an easy-to-read way. With all these prices at your fingertips, you’ll find that it’s actually harder to not get the best price.

  1. Abandon Your Cart

Even if you actually want the items you’ve added to your cart, taking a few days away from these products may help you score a better deal. Many retailers try their hardest to avoid abandoned shopping carts and will send out better deals and coupons on the second day.

If you plan to try this trick, be sure to create an account with the merchant. Leaving items in your cart as a guest won’t do anything for you.

  1. Use Multiple Email Addresses for More Coupons

This sneaky hack works only with single-use coupons. If the coupon has a unique code that can only work once, having this coupon sent to multiple email addresses gives you maximum saving abilities. While this won’t work with every retailer, it is an ingenious idea when it does work.

  1. Search “As Is” when Shopping

Searching “as is” will unveil a whole new world of discounted, previously purchased items. These returned products are deeply discounted as they were previously owned. In many cases, these returned items are in perfect condition. Shop for “as is” items on Amazon and Overstock.com to make the most of this deal.

Saving money while shopping? Yes, please. Keep this guide handy the next time you’re browsing your favorite online stores.

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