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4 Wise Tips for Young People Preparing to Travel the World

4 May 2019 No Comment

Traveling is without a doubt an amazing experience for any young person to have if they’re presented with the opportunity. Most young people have more time to spend exploring the world, but fewer responsibilities and health problems to potentially get in the way. Traveling can improve a person’s world view and potentially enrich their future career as well. However, there’s definitely a science to doing it properly. Keep the following tips in mind to make sure your experience is a wonderful, seamless one.

1. Talk to Other Travelers

Although the idea of traveling the world is certainly exciting, it can be scary and intimidating as well, especially to a young person who’s still finding their place in the world. Talking to someone who’s had similar experiences can really help though. Definitely chat up relatives or friends who also traveled when they were younger, but don’t stop there by any means. Take advantage of the resources offered by your school, university, or community as well. Join social media groups online where you can ask questions, and chat up the members. The more insight you can get, the better.

2. Be Wise About Finances

Traveling on a tight (or near non-existent) budget is definitely something that comes more easily to young people. Younger people generally find it easier to be spontaneous and are more open to experiences like sleeping in hostels, eating on the cheap, and so forth. A young person definitely shouldn’t let a lack of ample finances discourage them from traveling. However, it’s important to be smart about your money. Do whatever you can to save up before you go. Cut back on unnecessary expenses, or say “yes” to those extra shifts at work. It will be worth it when you’re able to do more of the things you want to do once you’re actually abroad.

3. Be Prepared

There’s really never a good time to deal with an emergency, but such things are a lot tougher when you’re out of the country or traveling abroad. Register with your embassy before you go to simplify any potential issues should you run into trouble. Have a plan in place for what you’ll do if you run out of money and need to get more in a pinch as well. Interfaces like ShareMoney make it easy, fast, and convenient for friends and family back home to help you out if you’re in a jam. They can use it to seamlessly send funds to Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Nigeria, and many other remote places your travels may take you if you’re lucky.

4. Plan Must-Do Activities in Advance

While there’s definitely nothing wrong with being spontaneous and flying by the seat of your pants if that’s your style, there’s something to be said for doing at least a little planning. If there are places, shows, or events you know you’ll want to experience once you reach your destination, definitely set things up in advance to the greatest degree possible. You’re more likely to save money and skip long lines that can take a bite of your time when you’re on the go. Invest in some thorough, up to date guidebooks that will help you make the most of your time while you’re in each location as well. They’re a wonderful way to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all a given city or country has to offer. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, consider walking sticks for your trip. While this may not be your first consideration, a good walking stick not only helps you along your way, but also doubles up as a stick to ward off any unwanted animals you may encounter. Also be wise about potential weather issues that could come your way. Carrying a rain jacket is always a good idea.

Getting the absolute most out of any travel experience when you’re young is all about striking a solid balance between spontaneity and planning. Yes, it’s important to stay safe and make sure you have all your practical bases covered. However, it’s important to maximize opportunities to explore, experience, and have fun as well. How will you make your next travel experience one to remember?

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