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5 Reasons Silver Is the New Hard Asset You Need

11 June 2019 No Comment

Are you investing in silver? Whether you are new to precious metals or you already own some, silver is worth your attention. Every investor, whether they’re saving for their retirement or looking to build their wealth any way they can, owes it to themselves to investigate every avenue for both wealth creation and protecting what they’ve already earned.

Silver is a small market and doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention as gold. It could just be the overlooked asset your portfolio needs. Here are some of the top reasons you should buy silver today.

#1 Silver Is a Hard Asset

Buying bullion is the safest and easiest way to add silver to your portfolio, and it gives you the hard asset advantage. Compared to paper certificates and digital currencies, the real metal is considerably more secure. You can hold a coin right in your hand.

Not sure why that’s an advantage? Look no further than cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga, which locked crypto owners out of $135 million of their own investments when their CEO died suddenly – without anyone else knowing the passwords to their cold storage. Stacks of coins in your own home safe don’t just evaporate into thin air.

#2 Silver Is Cheap

For investors who want to try out precious metals but not over-invest, gold can be intimidating. Buying fractional coins (coins that have less than one ounce of gold content) can put gold within reach, but it means you’re paying more per ounce of gold.

By comparison, silver is undervalued as an asset. It costs nearly as much to produce as it does to buy, and many believe that something has to give – namely, low prices. Now is a great time to invest in real coins and bars.

#3 Silver Upside Is Higher than Gold

During bull markets, silver prices tend to rise faster relative to gold. While they typically move in tandem, silver rises faster as more investors come searching for a better upside. Find out for yourself what silver can do; check out the price of silver today and see what it’s done historically.

#4 Silver Inventories Are Depleting

Because silver production costs are so high, and prices so relatively low, mining companies are struggling to operate. While they do everything they can to survive, they don’t have the resources to expand their operations or discover new mines. That’s leading to a supply crunch. Between industry, jewelers, and national mints, only two years ago more silver was being consumed than produced. The scales have shifted recently, but only by a razor’s edge.

#5 Industrial Use Is Growing

For several years it looked like silver was going to become the sole province of investors, as industrial demand collapsed with the rise of digital photography. Most silver not used in either bullion or jewelry was once used in film. But since those dire straits, new uses such as solar panels, medicine, electronics (like smartphones), etc. have fueled industrial demand.

Investors searching for a safe haven for the next recession may want to skip foreign currencies and go straight to hard assets. There’s plenty of upside and the metal is deeply undervalued today. You won’t find a better deal for your portfolio.

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