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7 Constructive Ideas for Generating More Sales Leads

26 June 2019 No Comment

Doing business has gone digital in the modern era. Every company or business is looking forward to establishing a reputable online presence to attract many customers and increase their sales. Many sales lead generation ideas exist for digital marketing. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right lead generating approach for your business.

Just like how the best savings account for yourself is the UOB One Account while others may prefer another savings accounts, some lead generation ideas are ideal for startup business while others are suitable for a large corporation with an extensive customer base. Finding the right lead generation strategy can be overwhelming because a campaign that is successful in a company may not be successful in another company. Knowing the basics of sales lead generation is essential to launching the best strategy. The following are some constructive ideas to help you generate more sales leads to your business and grow your business.

1. Optimizing your pages

You must ensure you optimize your landing pages to attract more leads to your website. All your landing pages must be optimized for ease of navigation. Websites with slow pages record the highest bounce rate and low traffic. Look forward to creating an optimal website that will help you reach your target customers in real-time. There are small changes you can make to your site to ensure you have optimized landing pages.

Every page must be designed to communicate a specific issue. You should avoid redirecting visitors to other pages within the website. Ensure every page describes the intended topic to reduce bounce rates. Also, when you ask for personal details from a customer, be précised. You should not include long registration forms on your website. Some customers are not free to provide confidential information, especially if they are meeting you for the first time. You can always ask for more details from your customers later. Also, ensure that your CTAs are centrally placed on each page so that they are easily noticeable by visitors.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is a more personalized way of marketing your products and services to customers. If you already have an email list from your customers, it is time to make use of it by sending informative and consistent emails. If people have not visited your website for a while, they are likely to forget about your company. Remind them that you still exist by sending them regular emails. Creating a solid email marketing campaign can help you to develop new sales leads from your previous customers.

Segment every email to target the different needs of your customers. Email segmentation helps you to develop a relationship with your customers based on their age, sex, location, and product type.

3. Social media

In the current digital market, social media plays a central role in attracting customers. Millions of potential customers visit different social media platforms daily. Your website should have social buttons to help your visitors to share your products and services across the web. Include your company URL on every social media profile so that people get to connect with you. Also, participating in different online social forums helps you market your business and establish a credible online brand.

4.  Partnership

To generate more leads, you should partner with other complementary companies in the industry. The strategic partnership helps you to market your company across different markets and expand your customer base. Start by identifying a company that provides a complement product in the market and ask them to collaborate with you. You can enforce the partnership by giving free samples to the partnering company so that they can offer them to their customers whenever they sell their products. This type of collaboration helps you to make new customers and increase your sales.

5. Ask for reviews

Customer reviews are important, especially if your business has an online store. Always ask your customers to give their feedback about the products or services you provided them. Also, you can offer free-gifts to some of the most influential people in the industry, such as bloggers and politicians. Positive comments and reviews from influential people are critical to driving more customers to your business. Get your products reviewed on top blog posts by reaching out to some of the leading bloggers in your industry.

6. Attend and speak at conferences

Forums, conferences, and major events taking place in your industry are the best platforms for making new customers. You can participate in online-based events by being part of the conversation. This way, you create a good impression of your business and get to attract new sales. Also, some sale leads are not generated online. Speaking at a conference full of people is the best way of finding new customers.

Be creative and market your company when allowed to speak in such conferences.  Conferences and events give you the right platform to showcase your company and interact with your target customers without spending much. Register for different workshops, conferences, and events for a chance to speak to the audience. This way, you are applying an offline strategy for generating more sales lead.

7. Have a blog

Blogging is an ideal way of reaching your customers by helping them solve the different problems they might be having. You should include the blog section on your website and ensure you post original and informative content targeting your customers. Sharing tips and ideas about your products and the market creates a professional look for your business.

Most customers want to relate to professionals in the industry. Once you can solve their problems by providing reliable answers to their frequently asked question (FAQ), then you are likely to convert them to loyal customers. Find out most of the issues your customers are facing and strive to provide content that targets providing solutions to such problems on your blog.


Generating more sales leads can be such a challenging task for an upcoming business. Putting your products before the ideal audience and delivering quality to the market are excellent strategies for creating more sales. The tips given here, if applied well, are helpful to generate more sales and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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