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3 Ways to Catch Up on Your Bills & Debts Fast

15 July 2019 No Comment

Getting behind on your bills or finding yourself under a mound of debt is never a good experience, especially when you have no clue how you’re going to make enough money to get caught up with your current job and financial obligations are taken into consideration. If you let the situation get too bad, it can be difficult or impossible to come back from it and you could wind up with badly damaged credit, bankruptcy, and more stress than you signed up for.

Plus, after such a meltdown, you’ll find it much harder to be approved for renting or buying any vehicle or home, and some prospective employers might even look into your financial history and use it to judge your character. To prevent such dire consequences, try resorting to one of the following three methods for getting those back payments made before things get out of control.

1. Online Installment Loans

If your credit isn’t completely ruined and you can show proof of income, you can probably get approved for a loan of up to $3,000 from an online installment loans direct lender like Western Shamrock Corporation. You can apply for one of these loans from westernshamrock.com in a matter of minutes and receive a verdict within 24-48 hours telling you whether you’ve been approved. From there, the funds should hit your account within a couple of days – or even instantly in the case of some transfer types. While these loans won’t get you out of major corporate debt, they are good for individuals who need little help getting caught up some of their essential expenses.

2. Freelance Local Labor Through Odd Jobs

The problem with having a job that pays a set salary or average amount per week or month is that you don’t have many options for increasing your income in the event that your expenses require more than what you make. In such a scenario, if you’re willing to put in the hard work you can usually find people to pay you for odd jobs like lawn mowing, landscaping, car washing, painting, cleaning, and general labor. While it will take some aggressive promotion and pitching your side services to locals, it could wind up being your saving grace and maybe even the foundation of a new business.

3. Create a Debt Relief Plan or Program

Debt relief plans and programs take all of your current commitments, income, and debts into consideration to create a sustainable and realistic agenda that will help you regain financial stability. If you’re in a particularly burdensome situation that neither of the two aforementioned methods will fix, consulting with a debt professional to develop a plan might be your best beginning course of action.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Most importantly, although the above methods can certainly get you out of a bid quickly, don’t expect for there to be a quick fix every time. Take what you’ve learned from this experience and use it to avoid a similar hassle in the future by not over-extending yourself financially.

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