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Maximize Your Online Savings With These Hacks

17 July 2019 No Comment

Saving money is a high priority for most people. After all, the more money you save, the more traveling you can do. Luckily, the internet is replete with options for snagging deals and keeping that hard-earned cash in your pocket. Try out some of the following money-saving hacks so you can start building up the funds you need for your next big adventure.

Use Coupons

Have you ever bought something online, thought you got a great deal, and then found out five minutes later that there was a coupon you could have used to get the item for less? You’re not alone, which is why the Honey was created.

Honey is an extension for Chrome that automatically scours the web for relevant coupon codes and discounts and applies them when you’re checking out at participating stores. Not only does this save you the hassle of searching yourself, but it also helps you save big.

Additionally, Honey has a cashback program where you can earn Honey Gold for shopping at certain stores. Earn anywhere from one to 12 percent back on the items you were going to buy anyway.

If you don’t want to install an extension, try using RetailMeNot. It’s one of the web’s largest coupon emporiums, featuring promo codes from a wide variety of sites.

To start, search for the website you’re going to be buying something from. You’re likely to see a list of deals (sales offered by the site that don’t require a code) and coupon codes. Not all coupon codes will be valid; some may have expired or aren’t relevant to your specific order. Your best bet is to try a few and see if any work.

Protect Your Identity

Identity theft is a costly experience. In 2018 alone, it’s estimated that consumers lost more than $1.48 billion due to fraud, according to research conducted by Javelin. The biggest type of fraud involving identity theft is the creation of new credit cards using your personal information, meaning strangers could be racking up big bills in your name without you even knowing.

To prevent this from happening to you, invest in identity theft protection. A good program should include both monitoring and notification services. That way, if someone does get a hold of your identity, you’ll be able to stop them right away, before they can bring you into debt. 

Monitor Prices

Online pricing goes up and down depending on supply, demand, and the general whim of retailers. That’s why it’s crucial for you to shop around a bit before committing to buy something. Always check different sites to see if you’re getting the best price. Keep in mind that even if prices are lower, higher shipping fees or taxes could offset your savings.

One quick way to accomplish this comparison is by using Google Shopping, which curates prices from various stores across the web and shows them to you in a clean, orderly interface. 

If you’re willing to wait a bit on your purchase, you may want to try a site like camelcamelcamel. It monitors the prices of items you specify on Amazon. Once the price drops into your budget, you’ll receive a notification and can order right away.

At the end of the day, using coupons, keeping your identity safe, and monitoring prices are three huge tools for saving money online. Keep these in your arsenal, and before long, your dream vacation could soon be a reality.

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