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5 Tips for Finding Easy to Move Furniture

23 July 2019 No Comment

Approximately 35 million Americans move every year — and millennials are certainly no different. On average, this generation moves more than 12 times before buying a home — some scoff at the thought of owning a home in an unstable economy — with many making the decision in order to be in a safer neighborhood or relocate for a new job.

Regardless of the reasons, though, the fact remains people want to make moving as hassle-free as possible. That means finding furniture that’s easy to move and pieces that take some of the stress out of the moving process.

We’ve all experienced the dreaded windy, narrow staircases that make it almost impossible to bring furniture up to two- and three-story apartment units. Then there’s the impossibly small door frame that couldn’t even accommodate a roll-away bed. 

Here are a handful of tips for finding easy-to-move furniture, so you never have to worry about stuffing your couch through an opening the size of a watermelon again.

1. Find a Place that Delivers 

Planning to move some of your old furniture but also buying new pieces to fill in the blanks? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to find a furniture retailer that’s not only affordable but also delivers. If you want quality, affordable, trendy and innovative furniture pieces, Jerome’s Furniture is one place you’ll want to browse either in-store or online, as the retailer, in most cases, can deliver your furniture the next day. Indeed, getting your furniture delivered can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with moving.

2. Find Lightweight, Versatile Furniture Pieces 

Lifting heavy furniture isn’t fun for anyone, and that’s precisely why finding lightweight, versatile pieces is essential. More importantly, if you want moving day to be a breeze, finding lightweight and versatile pieces can certainly help.

Stools, ottomans and poufs make great accent pieces for your living room or den, and the stools and ottomans can also be clustered together for a makeshift coffee table. Find the pieces that suit your individual style and current decor.

3. Get Furniture That’s Easy to Assemble 

These days, furniture manufacturers have stepped up their game to make assembling furniture that was once complicated and frustrating easier than ever to put together. Now, you can find items like foldable wooden kitchen chairs as well as desks you can assemble without a single screw in under 15 minutes.

On moving day, these types of pieces will be easy to take apart, move and put back together, saving you tons of time and a monster of a headache.

4. Consider Sectionals 

Most (if not all) sectionals can be easily separated into multiple pieces and moved through narrow door frames and hallways without a problem. So, when moving day arrives, you can breathe easy knowing your sofa will be making the effortless journey with you to your new abode.

Just remember to remove all the pillows and cushions and secure the fold out bed (if applicable) before you attempt to move it. Additionally, make sure to cover your couch in protective material to avoid scratches, holes or any other kind of damage.

5. Consider a Loveseat 

Instead of a sectional, you could opt for a loveseat or two, which takes up less room and is also easy to move. Although loveseats can’t be disassembled like sectionals, their small size makes it easier to get through narrow passageways. They’re also a lot lighter than a sectional, so you and your friends — or the movers — won’t have to struggle to get it out of your old place and into your new home.

Take the Hassle Out of Moving

Finding furniture that makes moving easy isn’t all that difficult, especially when you can shop online and have the pieces delivered right to your front door. Take the hassle out of moving and setting up furniture by finding small, flexible, easy-to-assemble pieces that complement your design theme.

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