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Uses of Pallet Racking to Increase Storage Space for Your Business

24 July 2019 No Comment

Some business owners who serve a local community rather than an entire region wonder why they would benefit from pallet racking. However, it is not the sort of thing that only nationwide distribution companies can make use of. In fact, all sorts of local businesses can benefit from them – from Cleckheaton to Shipley and the wider Bradford area in between. The reason that it suits all sorts of enterprises, both large and small, is that pallet racking is so versatile. How can you use it to increase storage space in your stockroom?

Selective Pallet Racking

This type of pallet racking is often used back-to-back so you can pick and select items easily from one side or the other from a central supporting structure. It is particularly useful for being able to create a narrow aisle system because the narrower the aisles in your storage facility, the more racking you can fit in. There is no single type of storage you can use with this system either so it means you can store items on pallets or in storage bins, as preferred. Our pallet racking services cover Bradford and you canĀ talk to our experts at WSSL to find out more about this sort of racking.

Drive-In Racks

As the name suggests, drive-in pallet racking is designed to accommodate the use of a fork-lift truck and to make it as efficient as possible for this sort of vehicle. If your storage facility is large enough to use a fork-lift, then this may suit. Essentially, drive-in racks allow for a high density of racking so you can store more than you otherwise would be able to.

Floor-to-Ceiling Racking

If you have bespoke racking installed for you, then you can make use of the entire volume of your stockroom. Many systems allow you to store items only up to about head height which means much of the upper space in a storage room is wasted. With a racking system that is anchored securely but which reaches up to the ceiling, you have much greater capacity. This means being able to operate more efficiently without the need to rent additional storage space elsewhere.

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