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3 Things New Brick-and-Mortar Business Owners Should Remember

12 September 2019 No Comment

As the owner of a new brick-and-mortar business, your life probably feels like an endless to-do list. While you have successfully tackled most of the key things you must do before opening the doors of your new store, you know there are still plenty of other tasks to accomplish.

Here are a few tasks that may have slipped off your radar but are still important to take care of as close to your opening day as possible.

Install Security Cameras

While you really like the location of your business and feel that it’s in a really great neighborhood, you should still consider installing a state-of-the-art security camera system. You have worked so hard to get your business ready to open; security cameras will give you the peace of mind you deserve. As Lorex notes, commercial security cameras should be installed near all entrances and open areas, in hallways and staircases, and around the perimeter, including the parking lot. Thanks to the help of the Lorex app, you can also check in on your business on those rare occasions when you are not there; you can make sure a delivery has been made, see how many customers are in the store and that your staff is hard at work.

Make the Ambiance of Your Store Pleasant and Welcoming

You have spent a lot of time and energy getting your physical location ready, including painting the main showroom and installing new flooring and lights. Now, it’s time to take a few more steps to ensure your brick-and-mortar business has a welcoming feel. As Cloud Cover Music notes, music is one of the most overlooked yet most psychologically pleasing additions you can bring to your store. People tend to have an emotional reaction to music, and it can be very relaxing to hear familiar tunes while shopping. To avoid issues with licensing fees, you might want to look into a Pandora service for your business; this way, you can choose the songs you want to play for your customers.

As a side note, if all of that painting and flooring installation has left your store with a chemical smell, you should also do whatever you can to air out the place prior to opening. You can also use candles to add a pleasant aroma to your business; scents like vanilla or lavender are appropriate to use all year long.

Double Check Your Sign

One of the first impressions that potential customers will get about your new store is through your sign. If you have had a hand-painted small sign or banner announcing your upcoming grand opening, it’s time to invest in a professional sign that will help customers to notice you and make them want to come in to shop. As Keap notes, you want to strike a balance between having a distinctive look for your sign without it being garish. Aluminum letters are always a great choice, and are also durable and consider adding the company logo to the sign.

You have worked so hard to prepare for the grand opening of your brick-and-mortar store, and you deserve to have a thriving business. By keeping these final three tips in mind, you will have peace of mind that your store is bring monitored, that it sounds and smells inviting and that your sign will inspire new customers to come check out what you have to offer.

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