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The Benefits of the iFOREX Trading Platform

25 September 2019 No Comment

The iFOREX trading platform is a browser based and mobile trading application that is a customized build software product. iFOREX has been in the trading business for more than 20-years, providing customers with top tier customer services. iFOREX is the brand name for Formula Investment House Ltd  and is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The company provides access to several different types of CFDs’ trading instruments including forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and stock shares.  iFOREX offers a browser-based platform along with a mobile platform. The seamless transition between each platform make these trading apps consistent and efficient.

Trading Platforms

iForex offers two different platforms. A web-based desktop experience as well as a mobile platform. The browser-based platform eliminates the need to download a trading app, which facilitates the ability to get up and running. The platform that provides all the trading and risk management tools you might expect, including trade execution, charting, technical analysis studies, education and a demo account. The trading platform is customized to fit the company’s client’s needs. This is not a white label product.

The platform is straight forward. Navigation is not cumbersome, which makes trade execution efficient. Your account information including your balances, positions, margin, and equity in your account, along with your profit and loss are very easy to find. The iFOREX charting software shows historical prices and several different types of technical analysis studies. This includes trend following indicators momentum indicators and mean reversion indicators. The web-based product provides access wherever there is access to the internet.

iFOREX also offers traders access to a demonstration account. The mobile app, looks like the browser-based application, making the process of changing from one to the other seamless. Execution is efficient and viewing your balance sheet, P&L, and positions are just a swipe away. iFOREX offers an efficient mobile charting package that is clearly displayed with several technical analysis indicators which will help you make trading decisions.

Demonstration Account

The iFOREX platform offers clients a robust demonstration account. This is an account that allows you to test-drive the platform using demonstration money.  A demonstration account is an excellent feature. You can test trade execution and different types of orders before you begin to risk real capital. It also allows you to test out your trading strategies using demo money. For example, if you back-test a strategy you can see if it worked in real-time using the iFOREX demo account. You can also test different execution strategies such as a stop loss, to determine if it will work when markets are volatile.

Risk Management

The iFOREX broker uses a negative balance protection procedure which prevents clients from losing more than they have on deposit. The platform is suitable to speculators as well as corporations that are looking to hedge their risk exposure. The company is keened to educate its customers and protect them against adverse market conditions.

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