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Running a Golf Club: Can It be Profitable Again?

26 November 2019 No Comment

British Golf clubs have not enjoyed a lot of success in the last few years unfortunately, with a sharp decline seen in golf memberships, both in terms of getting new members as well as retaining the old ones. However, with a few clever strategies that we are going to discuss next, it is possible to still turn things around, even if your club has not been doing too well lately.

Reducing Expenses without Sacrificing on Quality

It’s a really hard ask to cut costs in a way that doesn’t affect the quality of service in a golf club. In fact, it would perhaps not even be wrong to state that such a thing could be considered an impossible task in nearly any field of work, and not just within the golf course business. However, online comparison sites make it possible by helping to lower running costs while keeping things competitive.

Golf club owners can continue the same level of service that they are currently known for providing to their members, while paying a lot less for things like their business electricity consumption. For example, you can get lower quotes for golf club energy prices with the help of Utility Bidder from the top energy providers across the UK.

If there was ever a way to cut down on expenses without sacrificing on the quality of services provided in your golf club, then comparing the rate of energy expenses across various providers before confirming your next contract with the best available option would definitely have to be it.

Invest a Bit of Money in Software

Depending on how high tech you want your golf course to be and of course, your actual, available budget for the project, the software solutions can either be all encompassing, or minimal. At any rate, you will need a business and customer monitoring system to successfully market, track and convert members on a regular basis. Start with at least a CRM system.

Modernise the Business Model: Use Social Media

It is a common misbelief that people don’t come to the golf course from the internet, which can’t be further from the truth! Everyone is on social media, and if golf courses can successfully utilise the power of social media (which they should have started using at least five years ago), the industry itself could resurface.

Leaving aside the industry and concentrating only on one business at a time, we would say that in case you have not given the powers of social media marketing enough attention, it’s time to change that as soon as possible.

Hold contests, record and upload drone footage of your golf club, as well as videos and images of members playing golf inside, hold actual tournaments and post about it all on Facebook and Instagram. Use the fact that human beings are highly social, visual and competitive to your advantage. Rest assured that if you do have golf enthusiasts living nearby, they will eventually come.

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