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Beware Of Insurance Companies: Protecting Your Rights After A Car Accident

11 December 2019 No Comment

Getting involved in a car accident is unfortunate enough, let alone the stress of having to deal with an insurance company. But this is something that you absolutely have to do if you want compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Insurance companies get a bad name in this context because most of them try to take the victims for a ride. They often do everything they can to avoid compensating the personal injury claim or at least cut down the compensation value. The fact that they have strong legal teams and tons of experience makes it easy for them.

But this does not mean that the victims should always be willing to give up on the claim they deserve. Awareness can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with an insurance company in a car accident compensation case. Your prime concern should be to get the amount you rightfully deserve and you must go all the way to ensure it. Understanding your right is important and so is having a legal service that can help you get your rightful compensation. Here are some facts that you should keep in mind while dealing with the insurance company.

Be careful while giving your statement

Insurance companies often use recorded statements of the accident victims to protect themselves from paying up full compensation. Their employees often manipulate the victims into giving statements about the details of the accident. It is possible that they will convince you about the process by saying that it will speed up the claim and get you an optimal compensation amount. They will try to do it at the earliest because victims tend to be confused and unsure about their injuries and end up sharing less than the actual ones.

If you fail to state all the injuries in the initial statement, you may not be able to recover the medical bills and damage in terms of pain and suffering for them. Moreover, the recorded statement becomes strong evidence that they can use to their advantage later. So you should be very careful about any statement and details that you provide to the insurance company after the accident. Don’t give them a recorded statement without the advice of your lawyer.

Don’t settle for anything less

Another advice for personal injury accident victims is not to settle for compensation that is lesser than what you deserve. The insurance company will try to convince you for an early settlement, just to close the case for a minimal amount. This tactic works on vulnerable victims who are physically injured, emotionally disturbed and financially unsettled. They may be tempted to settle for early compensation as it can be a plus with the injuries and possible loss of employment they may be going through.

But this is the last thing that you should do as an accident victim because the insurance company may just be taking advantage of the situation. Rather, you should discuss your case with top-of-the-line car accident lawyers to come up with the best possible solution. If you are willing to fight through, your lawyer can help you secure a significantly higher compensation that can put your life back on track.

Beware of their manipulative tactics

Taking a stand and filing a claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer is the right approach to deal with the insurance company. At the same time, it is important not to fall prey to their manipulative tactics. They will probably try everything possible to frustrate you into giving up. Most of them ignore phone calls and emails intentionally. Losing paperwork is another way to delay the process and convince the victim to opt for a low-ball settlement.

Moreover, they will even try to stretch the case enough to cross the statute of limitations so that the victim may not be able to take legal action. Here again, your personal injury lawyer can come to your rescue and take your case towards resolution while ensuring the maximum compensation for you. Remember that you deserve to get the compensation and don’t give up on your efforts even in adverse circumstances.

Accident victims are easy to take advantage of and this is something that dishonest insurance providers often do. But having a seasoned personal injury lawyer by your side can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your rights. They can handle negotiations with the insurance company to get you optimal compensation. What’s more, they can take your case to the court and win the claim legally for you. Above everything else, they can provide all the confidence and support you need to get through this tough situation.

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