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Interesting Careers for the Technology Enthusiast

3 January 2020 No Comment

If you’re a technology enthusiast and you’re up for a challenge, you may want to join a tech-oriented career, but which one is a good idea? The truth is that it really depends on where your natural skills lie.

For instance, just because you can learn to use Adobe Photoshop doesn’t mean you can become a talented graphic designer…

So, let’s see what career might await you if you have a thing for technology.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a growing field, as the demand for educated staff is higher than the number of available qualified people. While newer computer science degrees often cover security aspects like network security and online vulnerabilities, it’s impossible to fully cover this vast area as only a part of a broad degree course.

A career in cyber security offers the potential for good, six-figure earnings, beyond what a general IT worker would receive. Such is the demand in the security field at the present time.

For people who wish to get into this in-demand area, enrolling for an online masters in cyber security is the best move. Studying online ensures that it won’t interfere with an existing job, and as the name suggests, an online masters in cyber security doesn’t require regular campus attendance, which makes it far more convenient too.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer uses software to draw corporate logos, create banner ad graphics, and design entire websites or WordPress themes. If it’s graphical in nature, they’re called on to produce it. Indeed, people who have a keen eye for digital drawing can produce final creations very quickly compared to a novice in the field.

Digital drawing is a bit like writing in the sense that many people think they can do it, but when they actually sit down to get it done, they realize it’s harder than it looks! The best that most people can do is knock up a typographical logo, but if they need to design an original graphical element to go with the company name, they’re stuck.

SaaS Creator

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) creator is someone who produces online software solutions for other people to use. Rather than making a piece of standalone software for Windows, Mac or Linux, producing a SaaS is usable by anyone with an internet connection.

They are a programmer and sometimes a web designer too. While a SaaS creator will probably outsource the logo creation to 99designs.com, they will typically put together the front-end and the back-end too. This means that they must be experienced in creating an attractive graphical user interface for users and coding the database, login/logout and other procedures needed for the SaaS to work correctly.

A SaaS creator may be self-taught or have a college education, but they must be skilled in various technologies, software tools and programming languages to succeed. They’re also likely to be someone who enjoys working on projects in their spare time or uses the SaaS to create a viable way to work for themselves in the future.

Technology Reviewer

A technology reviewer is someone who can get into the fine details of any tech product. For instance, when reviewing digital cameras, it is necessary to understand all the different features of a camera to determine the product’s quality. Having a strong grasp on why it’s better or worse than other features is required, such as why one auto-focus on a Canon camera is better than on the Nikon?

The knack, though, is being able to explain complicated technology easily so as not to lose the less tech-savvy audience along the way. This might be by comparing two similar products in a head-to-head, using the format of a YouTube video or a blog post.

There is considerable competition with technology reviews both on YouTube and with publications, so it’s necessary to offer more than just spouting off a list of specifications. Bringing some personality to the presentation in either visual or written form, along with explaining why features are more useful than others, brings in the human element. After all, people buy things they understand and believe will be useful. Someone who can persuasively put that across is likely to do well in this role.

Technology Consultant

A technology consultant is someone who’s got a broad knowledge of the latest technologies and how they can be deployed successfully within a business environment.

For companies that don’t have an IT department, they may struggle with what software and hardware solutions will be right for them. Often, a technology consultant is the way to resolve that. Many companies get themselves into a bit of a pickle when they make purchases without all the facts and have trouble integrating them into a manageable system.

Usually, they’re called in to asses the technology needs of a company or sometimes to get them out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into with ill-advised purchases that aren’t integrating well together. They can then come up with a solution to resolve any problems.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for ensuring that a database server works properly and that the relational database system is operating as it should. Someone who works with databases has a logical mind, can think through complicated details with clarity, and usually is or was a programmer.

Some more complicated databases may require the creation of a useable architecture to make them operate better. A disorganized database makes it harder for companies to retrieve and update the correct records. Similarly, when the database software isn’t run optimally, including compacting enlarged databases to reduce their size and speed up searches, performance can decline.

There are many interesting careers that most tech enthusiasts would love. However, no matter how much you love tech, one career will be perfect for you whereas another you may regret. While there are generalists who work in IT, people learn to specialize in what they do best for the most part, which is more gratifying in the workplace and, when expanding skillsets, is more highly remunerated too.

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