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3 Ways to Win Over Skeptical Millennials

7 January 2020 No Comment

Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, now hold a collective spending power worth more than $200 billion, according to Forbes. But while this makes them one of the largest demographics for businesses to target, doing so isn’t without its challenges.

While the generation may have the means to shop, they aren’t as easily persuaded as their parents or grandparents. They are quick to question, skeptical of new things, and ready to put old traditions to rest. The generation has been accused of “killing” everything from credit cards to golf courses. All of this together means that targeting them from a business standpoint means figuring out how to turn skeptical millennials into believing, loyal, happy customers. Keep reading to learn more.

Find Better Ways to Debunk Common Rumors

Commercials claiming that 9 out of 10 dentists agree that the latest toothpaste is the best choice for your mouth might have been enough for previous generations. However, millennials require more than a promise to change their minds.

Rather than quick promises or “guarantees,” you’re going to need to find better ways to debunk common rumors. For example, when accused of being a scam, global health and beauty company Amway proved it isn’t a pyramid scheme by educating consumers about how its business operates. With full transparency, businesses can use facts, figures, and real-life examples to show these young consumers why their business is best.

Real Sells Best

One of the biggest things that millennial consumers are skeptical of is products and services that aren’t what they seem on the surface. For instance, large, “unfeeling” corporations raise big red flags with this generation. In an era when locally grown foods or handmade products are something buyers are willing to spend more on, millennials aren’t likely to go for a business that makes its money in a suspicious way they don’t understand. For better results, find a way to let consumers see the human side of your business — whether it’s how the product is sourced or why you opened shop in the first place.

Be Prepared to Provide Fast Results

Millennials are known for taking action to help correct some of the mistakes of their ancestors by protecting the planet and prioritizing healthy initiatives. But while they may be looking ahead to Mother Earth’s future, many aren’t looking ahead to their own.

Young adults are notorious for skimping on their savings accounts. In fact, the average millennial has a net worth of just $8,000, according to data collected by Deloitte. A unwillingness to save money or invest is in part because it is a generation that expects instant results; when they buy a product or service, they expect to see and enjoy the value right away. Proving that you can provide quick results can go a long way toward winning over those on the fence about shelling out.

Winning Over Skeptical Millennials

Thanks to a poor job market, high student loan debt, a desire for a healthier life and planet, and a disbelief in old business traditions, millennials are a tough generation to win over. But as they now make up a large percentage of buying power in today’s market, doing so is a must. By debunking rumors, providing real results and proving your product’s instant value, you can win over even the most disbelieving of young consumers.

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