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Essential Tools for Successful Brokerage

5 March 2020 No Comment

Do you desire to start your brokerage business as soon as possible? But you don’t know exactly which ones are the necessary tools to begin?  You need to start a brokerage business as a reliable services provider. The company that you choose will give you all the tools you need to begin as quickly as possible. There are so many options but no one is as optimized as Apexum.

We are by far the most competitive brokerage business provider in the world. We provide you the back-, and front-end development for your business. We give you all the knowledge that you need to put in the path of your successful brokerage. Indeed, we have a CRM service to attract new clients to your business and get the best insights.

Which tools do you need for your brokerage?

The most important thing is to be in control of your brokerage business. It is an important stage when you are choosing one tool over another. The thing is Apexum is here to let you control your brokerage business in the most efficient and convenient ways possible. Our cloud servers were made to follow the objective to give each broker total control of his workspace.

What are those essentials tools?

CRM BACKOFFICE If you start a brokerage business it is necessary to convert leads into clients. For that reason, we provide you a CRM BACKOFFICE to improve your communications with potential clients and your current traders.

Partner / IB / Affiliate Network You need to increase your client database, it is an important point to aim for if you want to elevate your earnings. But in many cases, that means create banners, emails, campaigns, etc., which can be an obstacle, because you need to invest time that you don’t have. We have created a tool that allows you to catch more clients with less work. This system gives you a framework to manage the marketing system and an affiliate program with multiple commissions, and optimal & precise analytics software by providing a huge presence in the market to make more leads and catch new customers.

Trader’s HUB This is a place when you can manage all your trades and rates in one click. There are payment methods that need a KYC verification –a simple requirement to verify your identity-. It is a platform to eliminate all the boundaries and barriers of communication with the traders. More over, if any trader has an issue you can get in contact with him really quickly and solve his problem.

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