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5 Things Every Logo Needs

23 March 2020 No Comment

A small business needs to have a logo so that people can remember their name and what their company is all about. A logo consists of the name of the company and usually a creative symbol that reflects what the company stands for. Many small businesses do not have good logos because they are often too generic, difficult to read, or do a poor job of representing what the company stands for. To help make a great first impression for new and potential customers, it is critical that all small businesses have a great logo. Here are some things that every small business needs to have in their logo.

Easy To Read Text

No matter what your company is, whether it be a medical supplies online store or a teen clothing shop, the text on a logo needs to be easy to read. You can get creative with the text that you choose to use and pick typography that appeals to your prime audience, but no matter what, it must be easy to read.

Memorable Graphic

All logos should have a small icon or graphic that helps set the company apart from all other companies. This icon or graphic is easier for people to remember than the name of a company. When people see this icon and are able to relate to it, they will more likely remember your company and use it when they need it.

The graphic that you choose to use for your company should represent the company and what it stands for. For example, if your company sells car parts you would not use a pizza symbol. The symbol should reflect the company but not be too generic either.

Colors That Stand Out

Every logo should also feature colors that stand out. Some color schemes are already used by top companies around the world. These color schemes may not work for small businesses because people already associate these colors with the top brands.

While you do want to have color schemes that are not already widely used, you also need to pick colors that look good together. Finding colors that are able to appeal to large audiences can be difficult to find so you may need to hire a professional to help you.

Original Artwork

When designing your logo, you need to make sure that the artwork used is completely original. While it may be easy to design your logo on clipart or on another generic site, the logo will not look nice when it is sent out to the public. The public will easily be able to tell that it is not original and they will often not think twice about it. Finding artwork that stands out to the public and is memorable will help your company get more business.

Short Slogan

When designing your logo, you may want to include a short slogan under the name of the company. A short slogan is just another way to help your company stand out and be remembered. If you are going to use mobile advertisements or business cards, this slogan can easily be printed on the advertisements to appeal to the public.

No matter what type of small business you have, you need a creative, catchy, and original logo that appeals to your target audience. Each logo should always include easy to read text, a memorable graphic, colors that stand out, original artwork, and short slogans. While many large companies have logos that everyone knows, small companies must start from scratch to get recognition. A well-designed logo can help any small business get the attention and customers that it needs.

If you are unsure about the logo that you have created or designed, you should always ask for unbiased opinions about the logo. Get random samples of people to give you feedback on your design. Avoid asking family and friends for their opinion because they may lie to you just to make you feel better. If you are having trouble designing a logo, you should consult a professional graphic designer. They will be able to help you create a logo that will stand out and also represent what your company stands for. Remember to include these five things to help make the perfect logo.

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