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The Key Features to Look For When Buying Onboarding Software

2 July 2020 No Comment

Onboarding is a critical process for both the new hires and your organization. When done in the right way, your new employees can adapt quickly. They can become part of the team faster, and this will translate to productivity. Most business owners don’t know this, but a poor onboarding process is likely to lead to high employee turnover. This is a problem that can be expensive for your business!

Well, one way to improve the process is to use onboarding software. There are tools that can make the process quick, simple, and far more effective for your business. With the right onboarding software, you will empower new employees to get up to speed and feel welcomed. There is a variety of onboarding software to choose from in the market. Let us look into the fundamental features you should look out for as you shop around.

Integration and compatibility of the software

The first critical step is to find out whether the onboarding solution you intend to acquire can stand alone. Or whether it needs to be integrated with other HR tools within your organization. For example, the best software is one that can be integrated with HR processes such as applicant tracking, payroll, and benefits processing, etc. It should also be compatible with the integration of such features as employee performance reporting. For example, your new hires will be able to fill applications remotely and details required by your company. They don’t necessarily have to visit your business premises in person. This makes the processes more efficient and easy for both you and the new employees.

A good tool should be able to help your new hires successfully achieve their goals and execute their duties in a more efficient and faster way. Remember that the onboarding process best begins way before the new hires, and it is a process that takes time. The software should be able to assist you through every phase of onboarding.

Tip: If the vendor has other nice add ons that come with the software, then the better

Look at the analytics

You should review the kind of analytics and reports that the software will provide. The analytics is the kind of data that will show the progress of operations in your business organization. For example, a good HR software will show the performance of your employees. It will provide you with the average hours your employees have worked. You can track metrics like the number of leave days, absenteeism, productivity, etc. The data can help you make decisions that will see the growth of your business.

The user-experience

When looking for onboarding software, it will be crucial to consider the user experience for your HR team. You will only be able to see the value for your money if your HR team can get a new kind of HRIS platform and put it into good use. A good onboarding software tool should be easy to set up. It shouldn’t be complex for the team to use.  In other words, the learning curve should be gentle. It should also be easy to customize, depending on the needs of your HR team.

Good password management features

The average email address is linked to over a hundred other accounts that require passwords. However, many people continue to make the mistake of reusing passwords and others using weak passwords. This increases the cybersecurity risk for your organization.

It should be a priority for you to reduce both the volume of passwords required and the administrative burden on IT. Given that most accounts are created during the onboarding period managing them should be top on the list for you.

When looking for an onboarding solution, it is advisable that you consider the ones with a capacity for single sign-on (SSO). This will enable your employees to use the human resource platform to log into multiple other tools and software in use within your company using a single login. The volume of passwords will significantly reduce, increasing convenience and cutting on employee cybersecurity risks.

Final remarks

As a business owner, you know that the modern-day business environment is becoming increasingly competitive. You need to find clever ways to stay afloat and stand out as a business organization. One way is to find the right tech to improve every facet of the business, including recruitment and onboarding. It can help your HR team improve core functions, plus you can hire and keep the best talent in the market.

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