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How to Care for a Loved One Who Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

22 October 2020 No Comment

Cancer can affect anyone, and there are no guarantees. You could be a parent or a guardian whose child has just been diagnosed with cancer. You could be a child who is losing their father to cancer. You could be a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a partner – cancer is cold, and it’s heartless, and it can take any of our loved ones away from us.

That being said, you cannot fall apart on them. They are the ones with their life on the line, and they have a massive war coming as they fight cancer and deal with the side effects of the treatments. You need to be strong and supportive, and if you don’t know what to do, that is perfectly okay. It’s new territory for you and your loved one, so use this guide to get started.

Help Your Loved One Deal with the Side Effects of Cancer

There are many side effects of cancer. Your body is, after all, spiraling out of control. One way that cancer can start to destroy the body is inhibiting its ability to naturally detox the many toxins that can enter the body through our diet or even the environment. While eating cleaner can seem like a solution, it will not completely eliminate these toxins from the system.

When the body loses the ability to naturally detox, your health and immune system will start to fail. Thankfully there are detox treatments. IV chelation therapy is just one effective solution. It works by administrating a solution that provides the body with the natural chemicals that bind themselves to toxins. Once bound, your body can then better remove them from your system.

Keep an eye on symptoms and remember to bring up any health-related issues to your doctor. It will feel like putting out small fires when the arsonist is still on the large, but it will help the rest of their body stay in fighting condition through treatment.

Keep Cheering Them On

They will feel rough. They will have their very low moments. They will be in pain. There is, of course, a very fine line between respecting their wishes and pushing them on, and a good way to walk that line is to ensure that they have a strong support system to keep cheering them on. Hope is powerful, but you need to keep that hope grounded so that you can empathize with them and help them through the worst of their treatments.

Have Your Own Support Network

It is hard to care for someone who is fighting such a battle. It is scary, and it can paralyze you. So don’t forget about yourself; it is important to remember that you need a support system as well. There are support groups for carers. You can learn tips and tricks, can help share in your fears, and in doing so, will stay strong so you can take care of your loved one to the best of your ability.

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