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How to Prep Your Home for the Coziest Winter Yet

22 October 2020 No Comment

Summer is ending, and autumn is fast approaching, which means that now is the perfect time to prep your home for winter. The last thing you want or need is a boiler that doesn’t work right or a central heating system that decides it’s having troubles just as that first cold snap hits.

You want your home all ready to go, and you want it cozy to keep you warm and comfortable all throughout winter. To do that, there are a few preliminary steps you will want to get done in the next month or two.

1.   Fix Up the Attic

Most people won’t have attics that can be completely renovated into an additional room in the home, but that isn’t what we mean in this case anyway. You need to go in and inspect your attic for any mold, evidence of a pest infestation, and, in general, just to check the state of the insulation. If any of these characteristics look suspect or give off a horrible smell, you will need to bring in a professional attic cleaning Orange County service. They will work to remove and clean any infestations, fix any problematic wiring or insulation, and do it all safely and efficiently. Considering the dangers and the fact that you will need professional equipment for the job, this is not a task for the DIY enthusiast.

2.   Seal Your Windows

Double glazing loses efficiency over time because the inert gases between the panes of glass escape. Before that, however, it is more likely that the seals around the windows break first. Check all of your windows for mold or damage and fix those issues ASAP as soon as you see them. Simple seals are easy to do yourself and can help prolong the life of your windows.

3.   Install Better Curtains

If your windows or doors are not properly insulated, then, of course, the best option is to replace them with more energy-efficient options. If that isn’t an option with your current budget, then simply get thick black-out curtains to place over your windows and doors instead. It’s a very simple and effective solution that can help you save massively on your energy bills.

4.   Maintain Your HVAC and Heating

Before winter comes around, you will want to bring someone in to look at your boiler, HVAC, or other heating system. You may need to flush it through, clean the filters, or even replace problematic parts. Doing this before its cold means that you don’t have to worry about waiting for a spot to open up once the cold sets in.

5.   Install a Smart Home

A smart home system will improve the energy efficiency substantially, and actually work to keep your home warmer. The power is simply only using your heating when you need it. If it knows where you are on your way home and turns on at the right time, you can be warm and cozy every second you are at home, but only when you are at home. It will save you a lot and keep you snuggled through winter.

6.   Invest in Quality Cozy-Wear

Finally, invest in better pajamas, slippers, and blankets. Being snuggled up close by soft textures cannot be beaten, but if you don’t already, it’s time to treat yourself. High-quality cozy-wear will completely transform how you enjoy your winters and make for perfect excuses to cuddle up close!

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