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Saving the Planet – Steps You Can Take to Fight Climate Change

16 December 2020 No Comment

While it’s often tempting to think of big industry, travel and agriculture being to blame for our changing climate, research has shown the general public shoulders much responsibility and has a key role to play in slowing the damage done to the environment.

Indeed, most experts agree that if we’re to avert an impending climate catastrophe, we’re all going to have to make significant changes to our habits and lifestyles.

It’s believed the younger generation is more aware of the climate emergency facing our planet and also more prepared to take to positive steps to protect its future. Below are just a few simple changes you can make to offer a positive contribution towards slowing the rate of global warming.

Look at powering your house with renewables

Around the world, power suppliers are under increasing pressure from governments to start supplying greener energy produced from renewable sources e.g. wind, solar or water. Check with your provider to learn their policy on renewable energy and, if they don’t produce at least 50% from renewables, vote with your feet and shop elsewhere. Most providers these days have already moved to more environmentally-friendly methods of energy production – or have at least committed to finding ways to do so.

Make your home more energy-efficient

Most countries are now offering grants and subsidies to improve household efficiency – everything from support for installing better insulation to draft-exclusion products. Look around your home and identify the key areas that might be causing you to use excessive amounts of power (for example, dated windows or gaps in door-frames, etc). Heating and aircon account for around half of all home energy use so finding ways to reduce what you use could be easier than you might imagine. Not only will you have a warmer home environment, you’ll also considerably cut your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Recycle more

Of all the actions you can take to help with climate change, recycling is perhaps the easiest. Although it might not seem it, sorting your refuse by type makes a huge difference when taken on a national scale. For example, that seemingly innocuous paper bundle you put in a recycling bin will eventually be baled using products similar to those provided by balingwiredirect.com and taken to a massive processing facility to be repurposed. The steps you personally take might seem small but, if we all follow a greener approach to life, it will result in massive changes in the bigger picture.

Stop wasting food

It’s estimated in the US alone, around 40% of all food purchased ends up in landfill – and most of it is still perfectly edible. Moreover, the financial cost of food waste comes in at a staggering $218 billion per annum. Buying food that you won’t eat doesn’t just cost the environment – it will also cost you financially so avoid just filling your shopping trolley and think more carefully about what you’re actually going to eat. Many people find making a structured menu list can help focus the mind and stop them buying items they don’t need. It’s also commonly-believed shopping on an empty stomach can result in impulse purchases that aren’t required.

The small changes we make today will have a significant impact on the world of tomorrow – and the type of planet the next generation inherits. Step up to your responsibilities and start living a more environmentally-aware lifestyle now.

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