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Inbound vs. Outbound Call Centers

17 December 2020 No Comment

In this article, you will learn how inbound and outbound call centers can help grow your business.

With the different messaging platforms today, you might think that customers do not rely on telephone calls. It is very untrue. In fact, statistics have shown that customers still use phone requests to solve their issues with companies.

For this reason, businesses have to invest in third-party companies to handle their incoming and outgoing calls. It means that companies should invest in inbound and outbound call centers. Below are fundamental differences between the inbound and outbound call centers.

Inbound vs. Outbound Call Centers

An inbound call center attends to all incoming phone inquiries from customers. Support teams are put in place to monitor inbound answering services since most of their calls tend to be from customers’ queries and questions.

On the other hand, the outbound answering service makes outgoing requests to buyers. The sales team is mostly in charge of outbound answering services to cold call prospective clients about their products.

Companies sometimes make outbound calls to survey buyers and collect market research. They either run inbound and outbound answering services internally or externally. Externally means that all inquiries are outsourced to centers in various locations.

The Services of Inbound Call Centers

Inbound support services mostly focus on customer services. Still, they do more to ensure business growth. You can find useful tips here to help your business grow. And some of the facilities call handling centers provides include:

·         Product and Tech Support

This support helps customers solve a wide range of problems, including updating account info, password changes, and attending to complaints. They also handle advanced technical support but might need a unique tool to route clients or customers to IT experts.

·         Processing Orders and Handling Payments

Although making orders via the internet is widespread, many shoppers still place their orders via the phone. The agents help customers complete their orders over the phone. Also, shoppers might have questions concerning billing or unresolved payment issues, which are handled by inbound call agents.

·         Inquiries

SaaS companies or any subscription-based companies often receive requests from customers wanting to upgrade or renew their subscriptions. The agent does to either upgrade the customers’ subscription plan or redirect them to the sales agent who will perform the task.

Services of Outbound Call Centers

The sales rep at an outbound support service mostly make calls to target and attract new customers. They also conduct market research for companies.

Below are some of the services of outbound support service:

·         Setting Appointments

Sometimes the outbound answering service book meetings for salespeople, similar to a sales development rep’s job.

·         Lead Generation

The agents of outbound answering services can also help salespeople generate leads. Cold outreach is used to find opportunities. The information that the agents collect via the phone helps to identify qualified leads. The link here https://www.thebalancesmb.com/how-to-generate-sales-leads-in-your-small-business-2951792 has more tips for generating new leads.

·         Telemarketing

Telemarketers are just like house-to-house marketers. But instead of going house-to-house, they market their products by phone. Telemarketing services are highly valuable because they spread awareness and pitch products to potential customers from a wide range of audiences.

·         Telesales

Compared to telemarketing that has to do with engaging potential customers, telesales mainly focuses on closing a deal over the phone. It is sometimes termed inside sales. Outbound support agents follow promising leads to improve conversion and generate more revenue.

·         Market Research

Outbound call center agents conduct market research to get a better understanding of their customers and their competitors.

For example, agents might conduct phone surveys to find out their target audience. They can determine their audience’s current product, top pain points, and what they want from a product. The results that companies get from market research allow them to improve their product branding, messaging, and formulate effective sales pitch.

Both the inbound and outbound centers provide excellent opportunities for companies to offer the best customer services. The type of answering service you decide to partner with should be as a result of your overall objective, employee bandwidths, and budget.

Before I leave you, I should you work with a reliable service provider when looking for representation for your business. It’s important as they can help your company grow B2B sales, as well as generating and qualifying new leads and securing many more appointments.


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