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Smart Technology for Small Businesses

13 January 2021 No Comment

Small businesses don’t have many of the same advantages available to large corporations. Qualifying for financing, as well as attracting new clients, is more difficult for a small business owner who doesn’t have vast internal resources at their disposal. They also don’t have spare time to research the new technology that could streamline their business.

Finding the right smart technology can vastly improve sales and customer service while reducing overhead, energy usage and other costs. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that help small companies succeed.

1. Security Systems

Small business owners are discovering the benefits of these systems to protect their building and property. Many units come equipped with motion sensors that will send a message to your smart phone immediately if an intruder is detected. Heat sensors are included in some systems that detect animals causing damage to the property.

2. Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The small business owner may worry about the cost of business phones, but a cloud-based system can actually save them money. Depending on the system required, the monthly fee will likely be much less than with traditional telephone company options. You also won’t find the same maintenance expenses that accompany the traditional phone system. As the business grows, additional phones can be added to the system without hassles or excessive fees.

3. Smart Thermostats and Lighting

Saving energy not only helps the planet, it also saves the company money each month. A schedule can be easily be designed to alert the HVAC system when to kick on or off. The smart thermostat monitors how much energy is used so that temperature adjustments can be made to save more money. Some units even have motion sensors that will adjust the HVAC system if everyone has left the building.

LED bulbs, which use much less energy than traditional light bulbs, can make a huge difference to the monthly energy bill. The upfront cost may seem high, but because the lifespan of an LED bulb is upwards of 50,000 hours, compared to the standard bulb which lasts about 1,000 hours, LED bulbs will save a lot of money in the long run. Because the bulbs need to be changed so infrequently, maintenance labor is reduced as well.

4. Chatbots

A chatbot sounds like it might be more applicable to the large corporation with a huge customer relations department, but small businesses have seen the advantages as well. Introducing a chatbot on the business Facebook page is an easy and efficient way to help customers quickly. Adding a “frequently asked questions” link can answer a lot of questions regarding the products or services provided, which reduces the number of callbacks necessary.

5. LinkedIn

Many small businesses struggle with finding the best talent for their endeavor. LinkedIn provides a network to clients along with an online directory that includes the resumes of potential matches for the company.

There are more affordable technological options available to the small business owner than ever before. Finding the right choices will save them money and make their business run more efficiently.

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