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Risks Associated With Asbestos

7 April 2021 No Comment

Asbestos contains tiny fibers that cause serious health effects to the lungs. The most significant risk associated with asbestos exposure is breathing in the tiny fibers lodged in the lungs resulting in fatal health reactions. As a result of the asbestos’s ability to resist fire and heat, the material was used to manufacture different products. Some of these products include roofing tiles, clutches in vehicles, pipe insulation, paints, and pipe insulation.

The negative impact of asbestos on health depends on the likelihood that it will become airborne. Asbestos in products such as cement and tiles poses no health risk unless the asbestos is released into the atmosphere through breaking or cracking. When asbestos gets into the lungs, it can lead to serious health issues. Prolonged exposure to asbestos increases the chances of adverse health impacts. The most common illnesses related to asbestos exposure include the following;

  • Mesothelioma- refers to a rare form of cancer that affects the epithelial lining of the chest, lungs, heart, and abdomen.
  • Asbestosis- a disease that causes damage to the lung tissues leading to difficulty in breathing.
  • Lung cancer– this is the most common ailment caused by asbestos exposure. It is characterized by chest pains, persistent cough, shortness of breath, and anemia.

What’s next after confirmation of mesothelioma

Some patients panic and are not aware of what to do after the biopsy turns out positive for mesothelioma. Law firms such as Simmons, Hanly & Conroy can help you select an attorney who is adept with mesothelioma cases. The attorney understands the ways you can get compensation for your mesothelioma case. Mesothelioma is caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos and could have been prevented if asbestos was not used. Companies and individuals using asbestos are directly liable for causing mesothelioma.

Hiring an experienced attorney helps file a lawsuit against the people or companies responsible for using asbestos or releasing it into the atmosphere. The lawyer knows methods and techniques to adopt for a successful case. Success in the lawsuit gives patients and their families the compensation to settle medical bills and cushion other financial needs. There are many expenses associated with mesothelioma that can strain the family financially, leading to stress and depression. Therefore, it is vital to hire an attorney as soon as possible to work on the compensation proceedings. The lawyer should communicate consistently on the progress of the lawsuit.

Various factors are considered before hiring the attorney to represent you. The most important consideration should be the level of experience. It would be best if you settled for an attorney who has represented many litigants in mesothelioma cases. Attorneys who represent mesothelioma clients exclusively are the best since specialization guarantees better insights and richness inexperience. Apart from experience, the attorney should have a track record showing their success in litigation and settlement of mesothelioma cases.

It is also vital to determine the attorney’s fees charged for representation. There is usually no right or wrong way of charging clients, and the client needs to feel comfortable discussing the issue before the process begins. Attempts to engage in such negotiations in the middle of litigation could be disastrous and should be avoided.

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