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Income Reports

Hello there!  First, I want to explain the purpose of this page.  If you’re new to the blog, you might wonder why I’m talking about online income & specific topics such as blogging on a blog about financial topics.  Well, my view is that creating secondary income sources is the most impactful thing you can do for your finances.  Furthermore, creating online income is probably the easiest and lowest risk opportunity for you to create another income stream.


This page is a comprehensive resource for everything on building online income.  One of the main features of this page are the detailed data reports from my own online income streams.  In the monthly reports, you will see detailed traffic data and the corresponding revenue levels.

Further down, you will see other information on strategy and tips to help you build revenue and income streams faster utilizing your websites.

Current Online Income: $2000-$2500 per month

Online Income Reports (also detail web traffic numbers)

If you notice, starting in November 2010, I did not provide an actual post on the details.  This is because everything is fairly stable compared to recent months.  If traffic or income change drastically, I’ll provide a detailed update, but for now, I will just update you similar to how November 2010 is displayed below.

The Future of Making Money Online

SEO and Web Rankings

Blog/Web Strategy

Series On How To Make Money Online

Partner Blogs

Other Resources

Do you have a blog that you want listed here?  I’d like to link to your strategy specific posts and/or income reports.  My goal is to point individuals looking to build online income streams to quality examples of success and insight.  Contact me to get your posts and blogs linked to from this page.

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