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[10 Jul 2017 | Comments Off on Home Ownership for Entrepreneurs | ]
Home Ownership for Entrepreneurs

3 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Can Make Finances Easier
Buying a house is a big step in anyone’s life. It gives you a feeling of permanency and makes you a part of your community in ways that renting never will. A home is a statement that you like where you are at, physically, and you are comfortable enough, financially, to want to put down roots.
For the entrepreneur, a home can also be leverage for financial agreements and the guarantor of loans to get your business up and running …

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[13 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Funding Guide for Female Entrepreneurs | ]
Funding Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a difficult task no matter what. It involves immense amounts of commitment, skill and, of course, money. The task can be an especially difficult one for women. As most entrepreneurs are men, and women are still in the minority, they often lack the type of support network available to their male counterparts.

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4 Ways to Determine if your Business Idea is Viable

Your business plan may not be successful, but you won’t find out until you really work out all the details to determine if it has a shot. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out whether your business idea “has legs” so to speak.

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Using Software to Manage Your Company

As a business owner and CEO, there are many tasks that you are required to perform on a regular basis. Juggling all of these responsibilities can be overwhelming. By using Web applications and software, you can make your job easier, simplifying your operations and saving money.

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Entrepreneurs Who Transformed Hobbies into Successful Businesses

There are few successful entrepreneurs who always wanted to own a business and they would have worked for it from a young age, but there are those who stumbled into the business world by chance and have become successful entrepreneurs today…

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There is a growing trend of people becoming self-employed and this is translating across the world. Since the economic downturn began in 2008, unemployment has remained high in America as well as the UK.  It’s no wonder why so many individuals are taking their finances into their own hands by starting their own businesses, turning into entrepreneurs and working independently.
Regardless of the sector that you are qualified and trained in, there is the possibility to get ahead and start out on your own by becoming self-employed. Becoming a freelancer or …

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A Possible Way To Jumpstart Online Income

I recently familiarized myself with a pretty cool website that allows you to buy websites. The website connects buyers and sellers for websites (and domains). There are other websites out there that list websites, but this is one of the best ones because it is specific to websites and therefore has features that make the process easier versus something like eBay where you can list anything.

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7 Ways To Make More Money In 2011

The focus of the personal finance universe is typically about how to stretch your money further. It’s not very often that people recommend ways to make more money. It’s almost as if making more money is impossible and something that you have no impact over. It’s essentially the employee-for-life mentality that most people have. I don’t like this mentality. Here are 7 ways I think you can make some more money in 2011.