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[16 Feb 2021 | Comments Off on 5 Benefits Of A Debt Consolidation Loan | ]
5 Benefits Of A Debt Consolidation Loan

Life can be unpredictable and debts can happen at unexpected moments, whether it’s due to education payments, constant car problems or erratic spending. While debts can sometimes be inevitable, there are several ways to handle your debts and choosing the best method is the thing that counts.
Debt consolidation loans are one method of managing and paying off debts that can make life much simpler by combining all of your debts into one single payment. They often come with a much lower interest rate than what you were paying out for …

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[28 Oct 2020 | Comments Off on Trying to Save? 7 Tips for Tracking Expenses and Sticking to a Budget | ]
Trying to Save? 7 Tips for Tracking Expenses and Sticking to a Budget

8 out of every 10 people living in the United States carry debt. Some have student debt, others are paying down cars, and some have their livelihoods tied up in their houses.
Debt makes people poor and one of the primary ways people fall into debt and poverty is from being bad at tracking their expenses so they can stick to a budget.
Do you have trouble keeping track of how much money is flowing out of your accounts?
Are you surprised to see yourself constantly spending more money than you’re bringing in?
If …

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[28 Aug 2019 | Comments Off on Four Ways to Get Rid of Debt Faster | ]
Four Ways to Get Rid of Debt Faster

Being in some debt isn’t uncommon today. It’s becoming more and more essential to borrow money, whether you’re buying a new car, need a new smartphone, are making improvements to your home or simply want to treat yourself. And, being in some debt isn’t always a bad thing – if you’re able to manage it responsibly and avoid borrowing more than you can afford to pay back, it can improve your credit rating and help you boost your eligibility for a mortgage and other types of credit that you might …

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[15 Jul 2019 | Comments Off on 3 Ways to Catch Up on Your Bills & Debts Fast | ]
3 Ways to Catch Up on Your Bills & Debts Fast

Getting behind on your bills or finding yourself under a mound of debt is never a good experience, especially when you have no clue how you’re going to make enough money to get caught up with your current job and financial obligations are taken into consideration. If you let the situation get too bad, it can be difficult or impossible to come back from it and you could wind up with badly damaged credit, bankruptcy, and more stress than you signed up for.
Plus, after such a meltdown, you’ll find it …

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[20 Nov 2018 | Comments Off on Should You Consolidate Your Credit Cards? Your Guide to Credit Card Consolidation | ]
Should You Consolidate Your Credit Cards? Your Guide to Credit Card Consolidation

Credit card debt can stick with you for years. If you find yourself in deep credit card debt, there are options, like credit card consolidation. Learn more here
$6,375 is the amount of credit card debt the average American carries. This stat is up 3% over last year.
Feeling the crunch and stress of credit card debt can keep you up at night and cause relationship problems.
Instead of continuing to pay high-interest rate debt for years to come many Americans turn to credit card consolidation. Many people see getting a loan to …

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[15 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on 5 Steps to Systematically Reduce Your Debt | ]
5 Steps to Systematically Reduce Your Debt

Young or old, it’s a fact that most Americans are in debt. From baby boomers to millennials, household debt has continued to increase over the last few years. In fact, eight out of ten Americans are in debt. While this likely doesn’t make you feel better, it may help a little knowing that there are others in the same predicament as you.
While it may seem hard to overcome the battle that is debt, the journey may be long and frustrating at times, but it’s definitely possible. Here are 5 steps …

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[24 May 2017 | Comments Off on Tips for Avoiding Debt | ]
Tips for Avoiding Debt

The average American owes $5,700 on a credit card. In isolation, this is not too bad, but when you tack on student loans, it soon becomes a frightening situation. The problem is that debt is growing. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and it has never been easier to borrow money.
The US economy is in recovery, and with a new president in the White House, many US citizens are feeling hopeful about the future. Unemployment has fallen in 10 states and remains stable in 36. Inflation is 2.2% right …

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[27 Apr 2017 | Comments Off on Tips to Reduce Your Debt | ]
Tips to Reduce Your Debt

Financial debt is something that can keep you up at night. It’s hard to face when you have so much debt that you don’t know how you’ll repay it. It would be easy to just bury your head in the sand but that certainly won’t solve the problem. When it comes to debt, there’s only one way to find a solution – look it dead in the eye. Whether you’ve made some poor choices or you’ve had a change in your circumstances, it doesn’t mean the problem can’t be solved. …