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Obama Vs Romney: Who Is Better For The Economy?

So, who’s better for the U.S. economy and world markets, President Obama, or Mitt Romney? Watch the video and then give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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[16 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on The Symptoms of Economic Tension | ]

Unease and fear over the economy has become a part of popular culture now, with money worries permeating most industries and government agencies. Thanks to the media and the mortgage crisis, this fear has trickled down into the lives of most American families, affecting how we anticipate our futures and how we visualize the American Dream we once so revered. But most of us don’t consider the economy weak simply because of the bells and whistles thrown at us by news show pundits. We experience the weakened state of our …

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[8 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on To Save or Not to Save | ]

Guest Post: This is the question keeping many prudent thinkers awake at night and the truth is that people, that are still getting a good sleep at night, simply do not understand the economy and where it is heading, or they are too wealthy to be concerned. Not that saving is a bad thing; it’s just that when we are faced with a double-dip recession, which will bring lower interest rates and higher inflation, you need the solution to make your money perform above the recession average. This ensures that …

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Our forecast for 2012. Stocks End Up 10-15%. Housing Stays Crappy. Middle Class Struggles. Politics will continue to be politics. Don’t worry, there’s still good news in this article.

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Race To The Bottom

Essentially countries want lower currencies priced against other currencies in order to stimulate exports. Of course if your exports are cheaper for other countries, then stuff is also more expensive for your own people, but that’s irrelevant, right? Well, what happens when EVERYONE is devaluing against eachother trying to all stimulate exports? Well, you have all currencies losing value.

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It takes special talent to destroy a state (New Jersey) and a private company (MF Global). MF Global has had its shares halted and will be heading for bankruptcy. Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Senator and Governor of New Jersey is the CEO of MF Global. He’s essentially the epitome of everything wrong with Wall Street – the shining beacon of politics merged with global finance. I hope he goes broke.

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With more than one year separating us from the 2012 Presidential election it’s admittedly a little lousy how much media attention is being paid toward the campaigns of potential candidates and the President’s chances of reelection.