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What’s Going On In The World?

Stock markets continue to be volatile with weak jobs/economic data and especially fears over the Europe situation. The European debt crisis will have to come to a head at some point, so it probably makes sense to hold out until it does. What will that look like? A Greek restructuring of debt at a minimum.

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Markets are getting pretty volatile and many are expecting the Fed to step in. Of course, quantitative easing will do nothing but spike inflation so it’s a lose / lose. I’d hate to be Bernanke right now. How out of control does the price of gold get if they announce QE3? We could get to $2,000 / oz rapidly if so. Uncharted territory indeed.

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A 20smoney reader wrote in to comment on the recent article with regards to the Republican politicians and why they are wrong on the economy in certain areas. I also provide my response to the reader’s comments. Check it out and add your own comments.

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How Republicans Get The Economy Wrong

I’m often mistaken for a die-hard Republican because of my criticism of the progressives on the economy and especially the current administration.  These people who label me a Republican simply show how little they understand and how unwilling they are to dis-engage from partisan politics and from the two-party system which dominates the media and political arenas.
The reality is that I don’t line up with most Republicans either on my views of the economy, and after watching the Republican debate the other night on CNN, most of what I already …

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It’s starting to be discussed that Obama wants another fiscal stimulus.  You can read about it here.  Remember the first stimulus was nearly $800 billion.  Wow, what a colossal failure.  Does anyone have any confidence in these clowns?

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Hello QE3?

It’s amazing to watch the rhetoric shift on networks like CNBC.  Networks that are essentially cheerleaders for the most part of Fed policy and the so-called recovery.  As the economic data continues to speak otherwise, it’s amazing to watch “experts” shift their position on a possible QE3 by the Fed Reserve.
What was just “No chance.  Off the table.” mere weeks ago, the rhetoric is changing to acknowledge that a third round of QE is now in fact on the table.  These experts on CNBC of course just shift with the …

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The Microsoft / Skype deal puts this concept in focus as detailed by an interesting WSJ read.   The biggest loser in this deal might be the US Government who got zero repatriation taxes on the offshore capital that was used to purchase Skype (an offshore company).  This could be a growing trend of companies looking to deploy offshore capital and avoid Uncle Sam.