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It takes special talent to destroy a state (New Jersey) and a private company (MF Global). MF Global has had its shares halted and will be heading for bankruptcy. Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Senator and Governor of New Jersey is the CEO of MF Global. He’s essentially the epitome of everything wrong with Wall Street – the shining beacon of politics merged with global finance. I hope he goes broke.

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Markets are getting pretty volatile and many are expecting the Fed to step in. Of course, quantitative easing will do nothing but spike inflation so it’s a lose / lose. I’d hate to be Bernanke right now. How out of control does the price of gold get if they announce QE3? We could get to $2,000 / oz rapidly if so. Uncharted territory indeed.

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This is pretty fascinating, but Apple (AAPL) is actually leading the market… lower. I wrote a post for Seeking Alpha at the end of last week how Apple had closed below its 200 day moving average for the first time since early 2009. Since the stock stopped making new highs a few months ago it has basically led the stock market lower. How significant is this? Well, it’s not 100%, but it’s definitely significant. Apple has been viewed as a major market mover and leader …

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It’s starting to be discussed that Obama wants another fiscal stimulus.  You can read about it here.  Remember the first stimulus was nearly $800 billion.  Wow, what a colossal failure.  Does anyone have any confidence in these clowns?

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If a third round of quantitative easing is on the table (and many think it is) there is one thing you can bank on… continued interest rates at or near zero.  Zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) will continue for years in my opinion.  Real rates will be negative based on inflation, and that means gold continues to go higher.

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This chart is amazing in my opinion. Does the last 15 years look like a normal functioning market to you?
S&P 500 Chart: 1960 – Present

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The Microsoft / Skype deal puts this concept in focus as detailed by an interesting WSJ read.   The biggest loser in this deal might be the US Government who got zero repatriation taxes on the offshore capital that was used to purchase Skype (an offshore company).  This could be a growing trend of companies looking to deploy offshore capital and avoid Uncle Sam.