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[27 Feb 2019 | Comments Off on 20smoney Server Tests | ]
20smoney Server Tests

To test 20smoney.com’s performance, I conducted the following tests:

Monitoring the website’s average load time by doing automated website load time speed checks once per hour for over 10 days.
A server stress test designed to see how your server handles traffic spikes

Here’s what I learned:
20smoney.com average load times
I used GTMetrix.com to monitor the load times of 20smoney.com:

A speed test was done automatically once per hour from a server in Dallas, TX
This was done for 11 days, totaling more than 250 speed tests.
The data from this test was compiled into a chart

The results:

The …

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[16 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Punishment Throughout America: How Does It Vary | ]
Punishment Throughout America: How Does It Vary

The United States is known to have a high incarceration rate. In fact, it’s had the highest in the world since 2002. What’s behind the massive amount of people in prison? Many experts believe that long prison sentences and excess laws are mostly to blame. Here’s how punishment in the United States varies between states and stacks up against other countries:
How Does the United States Handle Punishment?
If there’s one thing the United States is famous for, it’s that it knows how to make a law. There are laws for just …

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[2 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on With Age Comes Happiness: 5 Tips to Improve the Quality Of Life for the Elderly | ]
With Age Comes Happiness: 5 Tips to Improve the Quality Of Life for the Elderly

Life isn’t measured by the number of days you survived but by how you lived those days. Nobody would wish to live to be a 100 and spend the last 15 years of their life on bed at the mercy of caretakers. It is the quality of life that matters more. Sadly, for many seniors, the quality of life diminishes as they journey towards their final days. When that happens, looking at their medical needs is not enough. Their emotional, physical and mental needs must also be taken care of.
In …

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[24 May 2016 | Comments Off on Three ways to obtain money, there is always help on hand | ]

This is the sober reality about life and living in the City by the Bay – because forget all the songs and the stories, the situation can be very difficult indeed. A recent report into poverty states that poverty rates vary significantly across the Bay Area, with a high of 13.8% in San Francisco City/County. But the cost of living in the Bay Area is significantly higher than in much of the rest of the state, so these lower rates are misleading. The moral of all this is that many …

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[24 Nov 2014 | Comments Off on Air conditioning systems home services | ]
Air conditioning systems home services

Air conditioning systems
There are so many types on air conditioning system on the market that selecting the best one for your home can become confusing. Here is an overview of commonly available air conditioning systems, how they work and any associated issues.
Unitary System
A window or ‘unitary’ system is a self-contained unit that is commonly placed in a window sill (or rarely through a small opening in an exterior wall). Quite simply, the unit contains all necessary refrigeration components in a small unit, blowing cool air from one end and heat …

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[17 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on What Can a DNA Test Tell you? | ]
What Can a DNA Test Tell you?

Presented By HomeDNA

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[8 Sep 2014 | Comments Off on The Boiler Room | ]
The Boiler Room

Just taking a break from the regular financial information to provide an infographic. I have a friend who had been burned before from a boiler and knowing a few things about them could save you from a big injury.
Presented by Americantrainco.com

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Car Insurance Coverage for New Drivers

How Can New Drivers Get the Car Insurance Coverage They Need?
New drivers whether young or old pay the highest rates for car insurance coverage as compared to an equal customer with more driving experience. Statistics show that new drivers have a greatly increased chance of an accident, too, because of unfamiliarity with driving laws, keeping up with signs, and making snap decisions.
Obtaining the best protection against financial loss is imperative for new drivers. How can new drivers get the coverage they need and still keep it affordable? There are four …